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"Welcome to IWAS@TheBar, where diversity & creativity are the cornerstones of our cocktail & tapas bar concept. Covid 19 has limited the opportunity for travel & adventure and so we offer you a quick escape via our international small plates, crudo & sushi offerings. Enjoy your getaway in an eclectic atmosphere where Anguilla Chillax meets Wynwood Miami meets New York Roof Tops meets International Travel. The menu will continuously change & evolve as we explore together & taste the diversity that the world has to offer. We subscribe to the notion that we are more similar than different while existing on this planet, as such we encourage you to explore culture , discover new tastes, enjoy the moment, make memories & come together."

Since July 28th 2020, IWAS@TheBar has been entertaining Anguilla with live, must-see events & experiences. We’ve got delicious tapas, fresh sushi, strong drinks and great atmosphere — don’t look anywhere else for a casual dinner and or/night out on the town. We’re open whenever you want to eat, drink, chill or party. We also have rooms for private parties and feature spectacular themed events throughout the year.

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